Our Story

Balancing the demands of the job and the needs of your family is the probably one of the most difficult aspects of Ag teaching. 

So in 2007, after 7 years of teaching high school agriculture in central Georgia, I decided to stay home with my growing family.  One of my fellow Ag teachers and friends asked what I was going to do if I wasn't teaching and really I didn't know.  In reply she said "All that stuff you use in the classroom...make it for the rest of us!"  So it began with that simple statement and the goal to give Ag teachers everywhere one less thing to do. 

万富豪国际appDuring my career, I had the privilege to teach in two different counties and my husband started a middle school Ag program.  In our experience, the resources out there for Ag teachers were limited and, frankly, just not what we needed.  So all the products that we develop are designed to be easy, simple, and above all relevant.  Most of our products were ones that we either used or always wished we had when we were teaching.  Input from other Ag teachers is our most valuable resource so we love it when fellow teachers come to us and say "You know what you should make...". 

One Less Thing is based outside of Athens, Georgia but we enjoy getting to talk to and help Ag teachers from all over the country.  The highlight of our year is exhibiting at the National FFA Convention where we get to interact with customers, friends, apprentice teachers and, most of all, enjoy being surrounded by blue jackets again.  We miss a lot of things about teaching (especially the students) but by creating products, conducting workshops, judging contests and livestock shows, and sponsoring CDEs we know that we are still making a difference

万富豪国际appThank you for visiting One Less Thing,

万富豪国际appAlicia Tomlinson, owner


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